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Know exactly where your robots are failing
Easily identify the root causes of failure
Get immediate insights on how to improve your processes
Improve operational efficiency of your RPA
Create alignment between Business and the developers
Business exception - potential savings: $41,480 a yearPerformance issue - potential savings: $29,720 a yearIssue in the infrastructure - potential savings: $70,300 a year

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Automation teams and CoEs across all industries use Pointee

"Until I was introduced to Pointee I would have not believed there was such potential to improve the performance of our robotic processes. The user interface also exceeded my expectations – it’s simple and easy to use. Pointee has become our standard tool for evaluating and optimizing RPA processes."

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Michal Kára
Executive Manager of IPA, CSOB

"Pointee gives us the ability to monitor the performance of all processes in real-time and quickly respond to potential issues before they become escalated as critical incidents."

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Vaclav Spacek
Senior Process Automation Specialist,
Currys CoE

“Thanks to Pointee, we are aware of problematic correlations that we would otherwise never have uncovered.”

Michal Kára image
Vaclav Spacek
Executive Manager of IPA, CSOB

Take back control of your robots

That’s where Pointee’s smart maintenance comes in. At any point, you can find out:

You’re probably running tens or hundreds of processes. Inefficiencies creep up. Robots slow down, exceptions multiply, communication with Business is difficult and time consuming. But the worst thing is that you find out about those issues always so late.

How many exceptions are there?
Are there any critical business or systems exceptions?
Which robots or processes are slowing down and why?
Are SLAs at risk?
illustration with workflow graph, robot utilizations and variants illustration with workflow graph, robot utilizations and variants

Make accurate decisions based on fresh data

A month to report exceptions to Business and another weeks until fixed scripts are in place. That’s how most businesses operate with RPA.

With Pointee, you can act now, getting straight answers to questions like:

Does a process actually work as intended?
Did an update of a shared component impact the performance of my processes?
Where are exceptions creeping up and where do we need to inform Business?
Where can we add or schedule new processes?
What’s the license utilization rate and how has it evolved?
illustration with daily performance and licence utilization graphillustration with daily performance and licence utilization graph

Get more efficiency out of your robots

Keeping robots in top shape feels like running just to stand still. Systems change, processes change, and you have to keep up just to deliver the basics and maintain what’s already built. Yet Business is requiring more and more efficiency and new robots to be developed.

With Pointee, you can quickly find out:

What’s a possible improvement that provides the largest value?
Which part of the workflow takes the longest?
What’s the root cause of an exception or another issue in the process?
What are all the process variants that we’d better get rid of?
illustration with system exceptions and most expensive parts of the processillustration with system exceptions and most expensive parts of the process

Works with all major RPA platforms. Set it up in minutes.

With Pointee you can spot, fix and improve robots as soon as issues occur. No more manual tracking, code inspection, or finding out about an error from the business side. Set-up is fast and you can get back to feeling in control.

Pontee can work with UIPath, blueprism, Prower Automate and automation anywhere platforms

With Pointee customers get

less time spent on maintenance
reduction of operational costs
improvement in process stability

Key use cases

Prioritize your automation opportunities and deliver value to business lines. All at real-time speed using AI.

Increase process stability

Getting reliable data about the impact on the infrastructure is a tedious manual task. Using Pointee, you can sort out exceptions, see their root causes and prioritize them for fixing. Improve process stability by tens of percent with a few simple steps.

Optimize complex processes

In complex processes, it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. With Pointee, areas most suitable for optimization are visible at a glance, and opportunities for improvement are clearly quantified in money and runtime reduction.

Give business more transparency

Are you overloaded with status requests from Business? Are you finding out quite late where and which process failed? With Pointee’s reporting and visualization options, Business can see how their automated workflows are performing and reach out only when needed.

Understand legacy processes

Lacking documentation? Processes working as a black box? Don’t waste time unraveling the past, Pointee shows you high-fidelity process maps that help you understand exactly how a process works and get up to speed within minutes.

Optimize license utilization

Are your robots working hard enough? Do you need to improve operational efficiency but don’t know where to start? With Pointee’s advanced reporting you are always in the know where there is slack to add a new process, not running the risk of over utilization.

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