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RPA maintenance
made simple

No more breaking bots, no more hassle trying to find out what causes issues. Pointee automatically analyzes your robotic processes, detects inefficiencies and shows you the biggest opportunities for improvement.

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Less time and effort spent on maintenance

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Optimize complex processes
within minutes

Know exactly what your robots are doing and what could be improved to reduce the runtime.

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Increase the stability
of any process

Get the number of exceptions under control with reliable data needed to uncover their root cause.

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Create alignment between
business and development

Help both sides better understand how the process works and where the biggest opportunities for savings are.

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No integration or changes
in your systems necessary

Using Pointee is simple – upload data from your RPA system in just a few clicks, and that’s it!

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"Until I was introduced to Pointee I would have not believed there was such potential to improve the performance of our robotic processes. The user interface also exceeded my expectations – it’s simple and easy to use. Pointee has become our standard tool for evaluating and optimizing RPA processes."
Michal Kára
Michal Kára
Executive Manager of IPA at CSOB
Read how 15 minutes of coding resulted in 43% process performance increase

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