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Dynamic orchestration

Maximize the power of your digital workforce

Say goodbye to the complexities of manual robot scheduling. Let Pointee handle process orchestration for you, ensuring SLA compliance and optimal bot utilization.

Trusted by the globe's top automation teams

optimize license and infrastructure resources

Improve resource utilization and maximize the value each robot brings to your business with an AI-powered schedule simulator.

No more manual orchestration

Forget all the tedious work with static schedules. Set it up once and relax! Let Pointee handle everything, including unexpected incidents.

Ensure 100% SLA compliance

Keep your customers happy by letting Pointee’s powerful AI prioritization engine ensure the SLAs of each process are
 always met.


"Pointee gives us the ability to monitor the performance of all processes in real-time and quickly respond to potential issues before they become escalated as critical incidents."

Michal Kára
Executive Manager of IPA, CSOB

"Pointee gives me a unique way of visualizing our process automation operations."

Ondrej Kuchynka
Smart Automation Hub Lead, Atlas Copco

"Pointee helps us to spot issues quickly. Without it, we'd need twice as many people on our devops team."

Vít Blažek
RPA Team Lead, ČSOB

Integrate and test Pointee in no time and unlock valuable insights.

With Pointee's easy setup, you'll be on your way to efficiently monitoring your robots and gathering critical data in no time.

Designed to significantly reduce the time you spend managing your digital workforce

Frequently asked questions

What does it take to implement Pointee?

For users of UiPath or Blue Prism, the process is streamlined, typically requiring only a few hours for complete integration. Pointee effortlessly blends with your current RPA setup, eliminating the need to change your existing processes or infrastructure.

Can I only purchase the orchestration feature from Pointee?

Yes, you can! Dynamic orchestration is an separate module of Pointee’s platform which can purchased individually. With that you will gain access to our platform and the Real-time monitoring feature.

Can we try Pointee without changing our production?

Yes, we offer a unique orchestration simulation that allows you to explore and experience all the benefits of Pointee orchestration without needing to interact with the production environment.

Does it work on-prem/could?

It does! We offer both on-prem as well as cloud orchestration.