Driving success in the world of intelligent automation

We believe automation of mundane, repetitive tasks is the future. However, going beyond quick wins is tricky and thus, expensive.

That is why we were one of the first in the world to develop software for sophisticated (yet simple) monitoring and analysis of robotic processes.

We love that we can play a part in making this future a reality and help our customers save significant amounts of money as well as valuable time of their developers – allowing them to make progress faster.

Press highlights

"Pointee managed to connect the traditional world of process improvement with modern robot-based technologies and complement them with perfect visualization."

"Every company today is thinking about how to hand over routine work to computers. But the difference between the winners and losers in the coming years will be how well each of them can handle the large number of software bots and whether they can get the most out of their huge investments in technology."

"By far the worst cost overruns are hidden in human bot maintenance during live production support. Pointee uses a neural network to model the activity of RPA bot fleets along performance, utility, and cost dimensions in 3D space, showing their behavior much like flocks of birds in the wild."

With Pointee customers get

less time spent on maintenance
reduction of operational costs
improvement in process stability

Our leadership

Jan Strnad
Co–founder & CEO
Ivo Knejp
Co–founder & COO
Martin Vitous
Co-founder & CTO
Ondrej Havelka
Head of Product
Vladimir Melda
Lead Solution Architect
Karolina Stollova
Head of Research
Ondrej Novak
Lead Frontend Developer

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Our board members and advisors

Dan Lupu
Board member
Martin Drdul
Board member
Alexander Wentzo
Board advisor
Darshan Jain
Board advisor

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