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Driving success in the world of intelligent automation

We believe automation of mundane, repetitive tasks is the future. However, going beyond quick wins is tricky and, thus, expensive.

That is why we were one of the first in the world to develop software for sophisticated (yet simple) monitoring and analysis of robotic processes.

We love that we can play a part in making this future a reality and help our customers save significant amounts of money as well as valuable time for  their developers – allowing them to make progress faster.

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Our leadership

Jan Strnad
Co–founder & CEO
Ivo Knejp
Co–founder & COO
Martin Vitous
Pavel Vašek
Technical Advisor
Ondrej Havelka
Head of Product
Vladimir Melda
Lead Solution Architect
Ondrej Novak
Lead Frontend Developer
Tereza Texlova
Head of Marketing

Our board members and advisors

Dan Lupu
Board member
Martin Drdul
Board member
Olivier Gomez
Board advisor
Darshan Jain
Board advisor
We are backed by top investors
CzechInvest's Technology Incubation proudly backs Pointee, aiming to elevate innovative tech startups with potential.

Join our growing team

Pointee effortlessly blends with your current RPA setup, eliminating the need to change your existing processes or infrastructure. Get in touch and ask for test integration to see the real impact now.