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Automated reporting

Data visibility
for strategic 

Pointee’s Automated Reporting helps you provide transparency, communicate the benefits of your automations to stakeholders and improve ROI. It is time to gain real-time data visibility and obtain accurate insights for stakeholders to drive informed decision-making.

Trusted by the globe's top automation teams

Measure and improve ROI

Discover the greatest potential for improving your ROI by gaining a clear view of automation performance and savings achieved.

One source of truth for everyone

Make sure that every stakeholder gets the right information at the right time with easily customizable real-time reports.

Accurately measure the savings you’ve achieved and keep all your key stakeholders in the know

Customize the dashboards as you need
Easily share and distribute reports with teams
Tens of live infographics available

Do not reinvent the wheel

Stop wasting resources on building monitoring and support tools, and get the best with Pointee’s cutting-edge reporting.

Integrate and test Pointee in no time and unlock valuable insights.

With Pointee's easy setup, you'll be on your way to efficiently monitoring your robots and gathering critical data in no time.


"Pointee boosts your team's efficiency, turning complex automation into manageable tasks with fewer resources."

Kieran Gilmurray
Digital Automation and Robotics Limited, CEO

"Rely on Pointee to enhance your automation strategy—reduce downtime and dependency on large teams for faster problem resolution."

Olivier Gomez
Co-Founder & CEO,

"Pointee helps us to spot issues quickly. Without it, we'd need twice as many people on our devops team."

Vít Blažek
RPA Team Lead, ČSOB

"Pointee gives me a unique way of visualizing our process automation operations."

Ondrej Kuchynka
Smart Automation Hub Lead, Atlas Copco

"Pointee gives us the ability to monitor the performance of all processes in real-time and quickly respond to potential issues before they become escalated as critical incidents."

Michal Kára
Executive Manager of IPA, ČSOB
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Designed to significantly reduce the time you spend managing your digital workforce

Frequently asked questions

Which automation platforms does Pointee integrate with?

Pointee seamlessly integrates with leading platforms including Blue Prism, UiPath, Power Platform, and Automation Anywhere, ensuring broad compatibility and flexibility for your automation needs.

Do the insights and dashboards update in real-time?

Yes, data is updated in real-time and available for distribution through customizable and easily shareable reports.

Why is it superior to other platforms or native solutions?

Our Automated Reporting module is an out-of-the-box feature specifically tailor-made for teams seeking a professional and efficient intelligent automation management platform. Designed to address the most significant challenges faced by teams directly, it ensures comprehensive satisfaction right from the start, with no extensive setup required.

Does Pointee have separate views for different stakeholders?

Yes, with this module, you will have access to customizable dashboards and reports suitable for CoEs, business owners, or senior leadership.

How often can my data be refreshed?

Every team is different, so we offer a real-time data view or options for hourly/daily refreshes.

Why not just build my own reporting platform?

We've spent the past 4 years developing Pointee and tailoring it to the needs of companies ready to enhance the effectiveness and transparency of their RPA processes. While developing your own platform could be a solution to the challenges associated with RPA, it's often very costly and quite time consuming. Developing a custom platform is a significant investment in terms of both effort and resources. Many teams ultimately opt for Pointee as a cost-effective solution that saves them both time and cost while delivering powerful capabilities.