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Real-time Monitoring

Understanding your bot performance and resource utilization

Pointee’s AI-powered real-time monitoring platform provides you and your automation team with a simple yet powerful overview of your processes and robot utilization, eliminating the need for messy Excel sheets.

Trusted by the globe's top automation teams

Faster, richer and more user-friendly way to monitor your automations

All-in-one view of all your automations
AI-powered real-time insights on bot performance
Better understanding of your resource and license utilization

"Pointee boosts your team's efficiency, turning complex automation into manageable tasks with fewer resources."

Kieran Gilmurray
Digital Automation and Robotics Limited, CEO

"Rely on Pointee to enhance your automation strategy—reduce downtime and dependency on large teams for faster problem resolution."

Olivier Gomez
Co-Founder & CEO,

"Pointee helps us to spot issues quickly. Without it, we'd need twice as many people on our devops team."

Vít Blažek
RPA Team Lead, ČSOB

"Pointee gives me a unique way of visualizing our process automation operations."

Ondrej Kuchynka
Smart Automation Hub Lead, Atlas Copco

"Pointee gives us the ability to monitor the performance of all processes in real-time and quickly respond to potential issues before they become escalated as critical incidents."

Michal Kára
Executive Manager of IPA, ČSOB

Combine with

Dynamic orchestration
Maximize the power of your digital workforce
Reduce manual tasks using orchestration 
by 90%
Deliver 100% SLA compliance
Utilize license
and optimize infrastructure costs
Predictive Analytics
Rapid incident resolution and bot optimization
Decrease incident resolution time by up to 90% and determine the root cause of bot failure
Receive proactive incident alerts and predictions regarding your KPIs
Experience up to 60% process speed improvement
Automated reporting
Data visibility for strategic decision-making
Measure and improve your ROI
Get every stakeholder the right information at the right time
Easily customizable, fully automated reporting and internal billing
As featured

Get the best out of your digital workforce
with Pointee – the ultimate automation management platform.

Frequently asked questions

Can I get only purchase the platform for real-time monitoring of my automations?

Yes, you can. Real-time monitoring is an available module which can be purchased separately.

What occurs when processes become halted or unresponsive?

Pointee keeps an eye on all the bots that are running. If one of them freezes or gets stuck, Pointee steps in and does what's needed to get it back on track or restart it. This way, the process keeps moving smoothly without any hiccups.

Am I able to choose which users receive notifications?

Certainly! With Pointee, you can choose exactly who gets notified from each bot. This helps you avoid bombarding users with too many notifications and makes sure that the right people are informed about what's going on.

Frequently asked questions

Can I only purchase the Real-time monitoring module?

Real-time monitoring is a base module that you can access after purchasing our other modules, such as Predictive Analytics, Dynamic Orchestration, or Automated Reporting.

Which automation platforms does Pointee integrate with?

Pointee seamlessly integrates with leading platforms including Blue Prism, UiPath, Power Platform, and Automation Anywhere, ensuring broad compatibility and flexibility for your automation needs.

How quickly can I connect Pointee's Real-time Monitoring?

Connecting the Real-time Monitoring module is swift and simple. It takes just a few clicks and so in just about 5-10 minutes you are all set.

How often can my data be refreshed?

Every team is different, so we offer a real-time data view or options for hourly/daily refreshes.