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for business stakeholders

Maximize Your ROI with Pointee's Intelligent Automation

Transform your business with enhanced control and visibility over your automation investments. Finally, have Clear and Tangible ROI on Automation

Trusted by the globe's top automation teams
Free your COE teams from the endless cycle of maintenance
↓ 90%
less time spent on maintenance
↓ 60%
reduction of operational costs
↑ 45%
improvement in process stability

Why business leaders Choose Pointee?

Enhanced visibility and control

Gain unparalleled insights into your digital workforce. Observe every action and outcome of your automation efforts in real-time. Be informed, make better decisions and have more productive conversations with IT.

Cost efficiency and scalability

Pointee helps decrease the cost per bot annually, ensuring that maintenance costs do not escalate with your automation scale. Experience a direct reduction in operational expenses and achieve a more efficient allocation of resources.

Increased production

Leverage Pointee's advanced scheduling and optimization tools to develop 30% more code/bots per year. Our platform facilitates smoother, faster development cycles, increasing your operational capacity and delivering more value to your business.

Dynamic orchestration
Maximize the power of your digital workforce
Reduce manual tasks using orchestration 
by 90%
Deliver 100% SLA compliance
Maximize license utility and optimize infrastructure costs
Predictive Analytics
Rapid incident resolution and bot optimization
Decrease incident resolution time by up to 90% and determine the root cause of bot failure
Receive proactive incident alerts and predictions regarding your KPIs
Experience up to 60% process speed improvement
Automated reporting
Data visibility for strategic decision-making
Measure and improve your ROI
Provide every stakeholder the right information at the right time
Easily customizable, fully automated reporting and internal billing
Real-time monitoring
All-in-one view of all your automations
AI-powered real-time insights on your bot performance
Better understanding of your resource and license utilization

Streamline goal-setting with advance Benchmarking

Utilize Pointee’s benchmarking to compare your metrics with top industry performers. Access benchmarks across sectors to gauge your efficiency and innovation. Our platform helps you set precise, data-driven goals, optimizing your business outcomes.

From IT professionals and business stakeholders to top executives

Pointee offers tailored benefits that resonate across the board. Join the ranks of satisfied users who have transformed their automation landscape in all different industries.

As featured

"Pointee boosts your team's efficiency, turning complex automation into manageable tasks with fewer resources."

Kieran Gilmurray
Digital Automation and Robotics Limited, CEO

"Rely on Pointee to enhance your automation strategy—reduce downtime and dependency on large teams for faster problem resolution."

Olivier Gomez
Co-Founder & CEO,

"Pointee helps us to spot issues quickly. Without it, we'd need twice as many people on our devops team."

Vít Blažek
RPA Team Lead, ČSOB

"Pointee gives me a unique way of visualizing our process automation operations."

Ondrej Kuchynka
Smart Automation Hub Lead, Atlas Copco

"Pointee gives us the ability to monitor the performance of all processes in real-time and quickly respond to potential issues before they become escalated as critical incidents."

Michal Kára
Executive Manager of IPA, ČSOB


Pointee effortlessly blends with your current RPA setup, eliminating the need to change your existing processes or infrastructure. Get in touch and ask for test integration to see the real impact now.

Frequently asked questions

Does Pointee have separate views for different stakeholders?

Yes, with this module, you will have access to customizable dashboards and reports suitable for CoEs, business owners, or senior leadership.

Which automation platforms does Pointee integrate with?

Pointee seamlessly integrates with leading platforms including Blue Prism, UiPath, Power Platform, and Automation Anywhere, ensuring broad compatibility and flexibility for your automation needs.

Do the insights and dashboards update in real-time?

Yes, data is updated in real-time and available for distribution through customizable and easily shareable reports.

How secure is my data with Pointee, and why is it considered safe?

Pointee is dedicated to the highest standards of data security, ensuring that your data remains within your own environment or the secure confines of the Pointee platform. This stringent approach to data management significantly reduces the risk of any data breaches or unauthorized access, making Pointee a safe choice for your intelligent automation needs.