Biggest challenges CIOs have in 2024: Navigating Legacy and Innovation in Automation and AI

In a recent enlightening dialogue, Cristina Duta and Olivier Gomez (OG), pioneers in the automation space, shared their perspectives on the most pressing challenges facing CIOs today. This article delves deep into the delicate balance CIOs must maintain between legacy system maintenance and the drive for innovative, intelligent automation and AI breakthroughs in intelligent automation and AI.

The Dual Challenge for CIOs

CIOs are tasked with a complex dual mandate: ensuring seamless operations of essential legacy systems while simultaneously championing technological innovations. This balancing act is critical for maintaining operational stability of RPAs and driving future growth through new technologies.

Understanding the 80-20 Rule

The conversation shed light on the prevalent "80-20 rule," which highlights budget allocation challenges within IT and RPA departments. Remarkably, 80% of resources are traditionally spent on maintaining and operating legacy systems, leaving only 20% for investing in new technologies and innovations. This disproportionate allocation pressures CIOs to deliver value and drive innovation within tight constraints.

The Impact on Automation Centers of Excellence (COEs)

The effects of this imbalance are particularly evident in Automation Centers of Excellence, where the focus often leans more towards maintaining existing automations and RPA rather than creating new ones. This scenario prompts an urgent need for strategies that streamline operations and reallocate resources toward more innovative pursuits.

Pointee’s Strategic Contribution

Pointee is perfectly positioned to help address these challenges. This platform enhances operational efficiency by automating routine tasks and employing predictive analytics to reduce the burden on legacy systems. This enables a shift in focus from RPA maintenance to innovation, allowing CIOs to rebalance their budgets more favorably towards cutting-edge technologies.

Empowering CIOs for the Future

By leveraging Pointee, CIOs can transform the traditional 80-20 rule to their advantage, fostering an environment where operational demands do not stifle innovation. Our tools manage the present and are designed to unlock the potential for future advancements.


Our discussion with Cristina and OG highlights a critical pathway forward for CIOs navigating the intricate dynamics of modern IT/RPA management. As we continue to tackle these challenges, Pointee remains dedicated to empowering our clients, turning potential obstacles into opportunities for growth and innovation.

Stay connected as we further explore transformative solutions that enable CIOs to lead confidently and creatively in the ever-evolving landscape of AI and automation.