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The Importance of Taking Care of Your Robots

As businesses continue to evolve, intelligent automation has become an important component in achieving operational efficiency. However, it is important to understand that the ROI drops in a few months if you don’t maintain your robots. Like your regular employees, your digital workforce needs to be managed and taken care of.

There is a need for an automated solution to help companies drive their intelligent automation operations without human dependency. That’s how Pointee came into existence! Our solution can be your best friend in becoming truly successful in your RPA journey.

Working with our clients, we have seen many different implementations and automation. Here we will take a look at three robots we encountered and the lessons we can learn from them.

Mike: The Legacy Automation

Mike was a robot designed to perform anti-money laundering checks in a bank. He had been in production for several years, but his performance wasn’t up to the expectations. Unfortunately, the developer who built him was no longer in the company. Nobody had the time to analyze his code to see if he could perform better. Mike was considered legacy automation.

Over time, several change requests and updates exposed some significant design flaws. The RPA team maintaining Mike faced a significant challenge in improving his performance. It was a large and complex automation. Performing manual analysis on Mike took the team 2 weeks to understand how he works and where he fails.

Pointee took only a couple of minutes to do the same.  The team was able to optimize his automation process. It resulted in faster performance, improved stability, and cost-saving for the bank.

What Mike teaches us is that maintaining processes is crucial to ensure that they continue to provide value to the organization. While still valuable, with proper maintenance, legacy automation can still perform well.

Frank: The Robot with Poor Environment

Frank was a well-designed robot to work in retail - a business process that is recognized for a very high number of transactions. Regardless of his exceptional design, his performance was significantly affected by the environment.

Each day he would start fresh and full of energy, but then he slowed down over the course of the day.  He was 45% slower in the evening compared to the morning. This resulted in significant inefficiencies in license utilization and issues with SLAs.

We dug deeper into his situation to get a detailed analysis of his performance. The team couldn't do it without Pointee. In the end, all he needed was a prompt hotfix. The solution was to restart all the virtual machines in the middle of the day. It resulted in a 20% performance improvement as well as reducing the usage of licenses and SLA issues.

What Frank teaches us is that a well-maintained environment and workspace are essential for maximum efficiency and productivity. No matter how much you try to perfect the design of the robots, if you neglect their environment, you won’t see desired results.

Companies place significant emphasis on workplace design and ergonomics for human employees. Similarly, you should prioritize the same mindset for the digital workforce.

Jannet: The Shareable Object Slowdown

Last on our list is Jannet. Jannet's processes used shareable business objects to streamline the development and maintenance process. But sometimes, it caused unexpected problems that slowed down her performance.

Analysis of all the shared business objects and their performance identified a potential to improve efficiency by 15%.

What Jannet teaches us is that having shareable business objects under control is crucial to ensure that they function as needed. It is possible that an update to such objects can cause a drop in performance.

At Pointee, we understand the importance of taking care of your robots. As seen in the case of Mike, Frank, and Jannet, neglecting robots can have serious consequences. It's crucial to prioritize their maintenance to ensure they continue to perform. However, in reality, the teams lack the resources to do so. That’s why Pointee is here to automate it for them.

Typically, when a human employee faces certain issues, the HR department is there to assist them. However, when it comes to robots, there is no such support system in place. But that shouldn't be the case!

Taking care of your robots is essential, and Pointee provides an innovative solution to ensure that your robots are taken care of. By monitoring and improving the health of your digital workforce, you can rest assured that they are performing at their best.

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