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case study

How 15 minutes of coding resulted in 43% process performance increase

Central European bank uses Pointee to optimize their robotic processes

The Czechoslovak Trade Bank (ČSOB) is one of the largest banks in the Czech Republic as well as one of the field leaders in RPA. Although automation brings major benefits to the bank, not all of their robotic processes are always 100% efficient. The following is a story of how they used Pointee to uncover few of the many opportunities to optimize their processes and reduce overall cost.

All preparation in just 4 weeks

A big advantage of Pointee is that there is no need to install or integrate anything. You just upload your data, and wait a few minutes to get results. That's it.

However, before the customer was able to start reaping the benefits of Pointee they had to go through the necessary security processes and standardize input data. Therefore Pointee underwent a rigorous security assessment, including safety and risk analysis as well as penetration testing.

Furthermore, it was necessary to standardize the method of obtaining data from Blue Prism so that the customer is able to use Pointee independently without any assistance.

The results were immediate

Immediately after deployment Pointee helped uncover several points of potential savings in the first few robotic processes the customer decided to analyze.

"Thanks to Pointee we know exactly how each robot works and what tasks it spends the most time on. Pointee gives us a list of recommendations on how to change the robot's design, including the potential financial impact. It's clear, simple, and it allows us to quickly evaluate where we should focus our optimization efforts".

Michal Kára I Executive Manager of IPA, CSOB

A telling example was the discovery of a robot unnecessarily waiting one minute or longer for a pop up window to be displayed. This window often didn’t appear at all and wasn’t critical for the robot’s work. Fixing this issue took the developer less than 15 minutes of work, but it saves the bank 43% of operational cost on an ongoing basis.

In another process a robot sends SMS notifications to clients via an internal portal in CRM. Pointee showed that if the robot sends these notifications using an API instead, it will save the bank 59% of operational cost. Implementing this solution took a developer approximately two days of work.

Another smaller opportunity was uncovered in a process where the robot always waited for 18 seconds to make sure a form was fully loaded before it began filling it out. Pointee suggested modifying this process so that the robot would begin filling out the form as soon as it received a message that the form was loaded. This solution took the developer four hours of work, and saves the bank 11% of operational cost on an ongoing basis.

Pointee is now an integral part of the customer’s automation process

"Until I was introduced to Pointee I would have not believed there was such potential to improve the performance of our robotic processes. The user interface also exceeded my expectations – it’s simple and easy to use. Pointee has become our standard tool for evaluating and optimizing RPA processes".

Michal Kára I Executive Manager of IPA, CSOB
43% and 59% operational cost reduction achieved in a few hours

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